Friday, September 13, 2019

Health Fair Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Health Fair - Essay Example The group was culturally homogeneous including whites, Hispanics and some pacific islanders. Most of the people were wearing jeans with tee shirts and tennis shoes. There were a few in shorts. The girls and boys were dressed the same with tee shirts and jeans. There were interesting things to note about grouping. Most of them seemed to group up with ages and some were girl, boy matched but in general it was groups of kids that looked athletic together and groups of kids that tended toward education together and then the obese kids either alone or with someone else that was obese. The group of adolescents seemed to be the ones most likely to tease each other. Some of them were having problems with their skin and some of the girls were developing physically. There were a few that were trying to act macho or stand out and several of them were already using piercings and colors in their hair. This age group was a little confusing. They seem to span many years when there are just a few. It certainly is a time when they are beginning to want to be just like each other or totally different from each other.. Dental health is what this writer participated in. The questions that were ask at the booth were how many times should you brush your teeth every day and how many times should you floss How often should you go to the dentist. I, personally did not learn a lot about this topic because dental health is extremely important to me so I try to stay on top of

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